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Selling your home can be as easy or difficult as you choose. It should not be a stressful ordeal. MAKING THE SMART MOVE OF CHOOSING the right REALTOR IS YOUR FIRST STEP.

As your Fort Lauderdale Realtor, I will:

• Complete a comparative market analysis that will compare your home’s value to that of your neighbors. Show you on-line listings and explore with you other homes in the Fort Lauderdale neighborhood for sale, time on the market and price. The biggest and most stressful time is when your home doesn’t sell and typically it is because your house is not priced based on the market but what you think it is worth. Avoid this trap and weigh out all the information that is available to you.
• Create a list of marketing strategies that I will do to assure maximum exposure locally, nationally and internationally; by placing your home on several search engines and websites.
• Prioritize all local media to determine the distribution and effectiveness of their market share.
• Help you stage your house and generate curb appeal to ensure you get the best price. It is important to realize that although your personal belongings are very important to you, they may prevent the buyer from seeing all the possibilities that your great old home could be their new home. Too much Stuff in your home could be a deterrent. Less is always better.

Why hire a broker?

• Advertising and marketing cost money and marketing real estate in Broward County takes time, and time is money. Effective marketing and selling requires experience, knowledge, and expertise.
• As your Fort Lauderdale realtor, I will maximize exposure of your property through multiple listing systems and cross-media marketing, including web, print media, mailing campaign, and presentation materials.

Closing Costs to Think about:

• Title insurance fees depend on the sales price of the home.
• Broker’s commission is a full-service fee and will cost anywhere between 5% to 7%.
• Local property transfer tax, county transfer tax, state transfer tax, and state capital gains tax are the charges that you’ll pay for the privilege of selling your home. Credit to the buyer of unpaid real estate taxes for the prior or current year are variable and depend on when you close and when your taxes are due.
• FHA fees and costs are all fees are now negotiable between an FHA buyer and seller.
• Home inspections fees are in some circumstances paid for by the seller and include pest, radon, and other inspections.
• Miscellaneous fees can accrue from correcting problems noticed during the home inspection.

Please call or Email us to discuss your home and future possibilities. We look forward to speaking with you.