Heart To Heart Project

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Heart To Heart Project

Our goal for the Heart to Heart project is to give your organization access to profits of a Nine Billion Dollar industry here in Broward County.

When a buyer or seller of Real Estate participates, REALNEIGHBORHOODS™ will give them back 20% of our profits after the closing. All you have to do is introduce them to the Heart to Heart project and ask for their support and ask them to participate after the sale by giving this money to you as a donation. It’s easy and if you already have a relationship with them it should be a great way to assist your organization to meet or exceed your fundraising goals. We can discuss some of the ways you can contact your folks, any graphics needed is on me.

The following is a chart/example of the donations your organization could receive on the sale of each property.

100,000 600
200,000 1,200
300,000 1,800
400,000 2,400
500,000 3,600
600,000 4,200
800,000 4,800
900,000 5,400
1,000,000 6,000